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Accurate analysis and feedback

Help you improve and decrease the risk of injury


Walking/Running Clinic

Determine the root cause of the musculoskeletal injury

I LOOK DEEPER!! I treat the root Cause of the injury and not only the symptoms.
We have produced the most innovative health solutions to help prevent and treat running
and walking injuries. Our products are based on clinical research from the Running Injury
Clinic, and backed by the world’s largest database of three-dimensional biomechanical
walking and running data.
From products designed for medical and research purposes, to consumer fitness, we aim to
help runners/walkers improve performance and reduce injury.

Advanced Gait Analysis

3D Gait is an innovative health solution helping prevent and treat running and walking injuries
Is your injury shoe related or is it biomechanical.
If your injury is only shoe related, then I will recommend the correct/ideal running shoes for you.
If your injury is biomechanical then the treatment will include custom made insoles that will
effectively replace the natural footprint and provide a stabilizing angle for the calcaneus.
This will control excessive supination and pronation.

Identifying the correct training or running shoe for you.

Improper training shoes can be the biggest cause of muscle pain/injuries.
A revolutionary way to scientifically determine the optimal and correct shoe for you. We
use our 3D GAIT system to measure your foot mechanics with millimeter precision and
combine your gait biomechanics with our patented LAST device (Length Arch Shape
Technology). This evaluation is an objective, definitive, and scientific approach to
understand how your foot mechanics, foot shape, and anatomical structure are interrelated.
At the end, we provide a report that identifies the ideal type of shoe for you. We
recommend that you are currently running injury-free for optimal results as our research
clearly shows that an injury can alter your overall running mechanics.
We also provide a report that identifies the ideal type of shoe for you.

Uneven heel wear on running/training shoes

Your heels on your running/training shoes will wear more on the outside. If you are worried
about the wear at the bottom of my running shoes I offer a shoe repair service so that we
can get more life out of your shoes, especially if the rest of the outsole is still in a good
The problem with most training/running shoes are they don’t last anymore and with the fast
outside wear of the heel of the shoe you will have to replace shoes every +-450km’s. This
repair will help that the shoe will last at least another +-450km’s but it needs to be done
correctly to prevent other injuries.

Learn how to prevent injuries

Prevention is better than cure!
- Find out what shoe works for you.
- Discover your running style
- Learn how to prevent injuries
- How long should my running shoes last
- How Often Should I Replace My Running Shoes
- Get training tips